So you may be wondering– “what is the real cost of bottled water?” Over the years I have seen and reviewed countless versions of the same story.  It is timeless and accurate.  Bottled water simply doesn’t make sense.  It costs 100’s of times more than tap water and almost always comes from the same source .. .. municipal water!

The facts below will hopefully make you stop and think before you drink another sip of bottled water.  Get your workplace, activities, sports, home or where ever you drink water to stop using disposable one-time water bottles.  It’s time to take back the tap and stop wasting precious resources.  If you really believe that tap water taste is well . . . less than, consider a reusable water bottle with a filter.  You can get a great one from our other site at:

Enjoy the information.

Think Before You Drink: The Costs of Bottled Water

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