Here is a great article on Plastic Bottles and how we might provide incentives to reduce waste in the environment.  This is from:  A great site with quality information on the environment.  We like this article for several reasons:  1)  it encourages recycling   2)  there is a clear case using real world examples of reasonable regulation that can really have a positive impact on the environment.  and 3)  demonstrates very clearly that we are very wasteful, and that the use of reusable water bottles can really make a difference.  We at Green Benefits believe in our products and really encourage everyone to reduce and reuse.  If everyone had reusable bottles and even some like the ones we offer at   – there would be a tremendous reduction in plastic bottle waste.  Tap water and filtered water combined with great reusable water bottles can really help.  We have been selling bottles for over seven years now, and we believe more than ever that everyone needs a reusable bottle and that we should all curb our bottled water habit.