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Another Classis – The real cost of bottled water

Over the years I have seen and reviewed countless versions of the same story.  It is timeless and accurate.  Bottled water simply doesn't make sense.  It costs 100's of times more than tap water and almost always comes from the same source .. .. municipal water! The...

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Why you should drink tap water

The USA is the largest consumer of bottled water in the world even though we have one of the cleanest municipal water systems in the world! A true contradiction. Tap water costs less than $0.01 (one cent!) per liter, while bottled water is over $0.25! There are few...

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Facts about Bottled Water

Why we should all use Reusable Water Bottles  - the Real Facts about Bottled Water.  This is an old one but a good one that reminds us all how much bottled water we consumer.  Tap Water in the USA is safe and clean.  Take back the tap and stop wasting your money on...

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